The super-secure Apple M1 chip has been cracked

 Apple's M1 chip jailbreak has just been successfully performed by DriveSavers data recovery experts.

According to Digital Trends , Apple 's highly secure M1 chip is a big challenge to crack, but it seems the experts at DriveSavers have finally made it. The company announced that it "may be the first" to recover data from the M1 chip in a recent press release.

DriveSavers is confident in this because the company's engineers have successfully transplanted the M1 chip from the faulty logic board to the function board, allowing them to access the data inside the SSD. It's quite a feat, especially since the M1 has multiple security measures that prevent external users from manually accessing the data.

Was able to successfully recover data from the faulty M1 chip.

First, the SSD controller - the component that controls the input/output of data on the drive - is located in the M1 itself. This means that, if the SoC fails, access to the drive also becomes impossible.

Combine that with the encrypted data storage functionality of the T2 security chip, and it turns out that accessing Apple's SSDs isn't easy.

Next is the logic board. As DriveSavers mentions in the press release: “There are thousands of micro-components that mount on the surface of logic boards, and Apple has gone to great lengths to decipher what is needed to gain access to the encrypted data. chemical. Without that knowledge, recovering data from a faulty logic board is impossible.”

So to get access to the M1's SSD, the data engineers had to remove the SoC from the faulty logic board and mount it on a working board, and most importantly, the process of connecting each micro-component. needed to allow the logic board and system components to communicate with each other. To succeed, DriveSavers had to try and fail many times, but it's a big step forward for Mac data recovery.

While Apple's data security measures sound great in theory, they can be a disaster if users lose important data. That's why it's so important to create backups of your Mac and any other Apple devices.

Use functions like Time Machine and even an external backup to keep your data safe, especially without having to call on DriveSavers to swap logic boards.

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