Waiting for the closing action of NAV in the third quarter: Perspective for the week of September 26 - 30

Saigon - Hanoi Securities Company (SHS (HN:SHS)) said that the market will close NAV in the third quarter of 2022 in the next week from September 26 to 30, thereby summarizing the correlation assessment. 

Stock price changes and corporate situation, investment efficiency, as well as new expectations and new potentials in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Waiting for NAV closing actionViet Capital Securities Company (VCSC (HM:VCI)): Short-term technical signals of the indexes remained at negative level. With the VN-Index setting a new low in the week of September 19-23 and since the beginning of August, sellers seem to be taking back control of the market. 

It is forecasted that in the trading session until September 26, the market may have a falling session so that the VN-Index will test the next Fibonacci support at 1,185 points and the VN30 will test the medium-term bottom at 1,200-1,210 points.

The buying force will probably be boosted from the support at the low price area and create a pullback for the market afterwards.

If the VN-Index and VN30 can close above 1,185 points and 1,200 points, the market may see a rally after that. On the contrary, if the overwhelming selling force causes the VN-Index to close below the 1.185 mark and especially the VN30 to convincingly breach the medium-term bottom, the downtrend will be consolidated.

Opportunity in few stocks

Tan Viet Securities Company (TVSI): At the end of the week of September 23, liquidity did not improve and large-cap stocks were more negative than small and medium-cap stocks, showing that the market has not yet reached consensus.

 This shows that institutional investors are taking a more cautious view after interest rate policies. Meanwhile, individual customers are more optimistic and promote the recovery in small and mid-cap stocks. 

The decline session on September 23 made the previous session's recovery almost erased and pushed the VN-Index back to close to the support level of 1,200 points. Therefore, the market has no consensus and is more unpredictable while the opportunities will only appear in a few stocks.

July bottom will be distant support

Tien Phong Securities Company (TPS): The threshold of 1,200 points continued to fulfill the supporting role for VN-Index in the session of September 23. This result shows that buying power is still present at this support. However, the market's liquidity has not improved significantly and the volatility is low (below the average of the last 20 sessions), showing that investors' caution is still at a high level.

Besides, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the MACD still maintain negative signals, showing that the market risk of correcting is still there. In case the index continues correcting and breaks 1,200 points, the bottom of July 2022 will be the next support to support the index.

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