OnePlus confirms it will have its first folding phone this year

Later this year, the smartphone village will see the appearance of the first folding smartphone "home" OnePlus.

According to Gadget Match , OnePlus has just confirmed that it will launch a folding phone model in the second half of 2023. The announcement was announced during the "From Fast & Smooth to Beyond" panel at Mobile World Congress. 2023 (MWC).

“Our first folding phone will feature the signature smooth OnePlus experience. It should be a high-end phone that does not cause discomfort to users in terms of style, folding frame mechanical technology and other aspects,” Kinder Liu, president and CEO of OnePlus said at the event. to sue.

OnePlus confirmed it will have its first folding phone this year - 1

OnePlus confirmed its first folding phone at MWC 2023.

At the “From Fast & Smooth to Beyond” panel, OnePlus also shared their approach to achieving an industry-leading smooth and fast experience. From its powerful hardware and great software intensively fine-tuned to get the most out of its hardware, to chipset-level algorithms.

This technology brand also emphasizes constantly learning and absorbing ideas from their user community, which is one of the largest technology communities in the world to date. OnePlus fans have long been an important part of the brand's journey to improve the overall experience.

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