Find a stolen car with AirPods

A man accidentally left his car stolen because of negligence, but fortunately he recovered his property thanks to Apple's AirPods and Find My.

According to AppleInsider , a man in New Hampshire (USA) has come up with a strange way to warm up the car engine by starting the car and turning into the house. But when this person returned, the car was "flying without wings".

Fortunately, he eventually managed to find the vehicle and the police caught the thief, all thanks to AirPods and Apple 's Find My feature .

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Lucky man found stolen car thanks to Find My app and AirPods.

Accordingly, on Sunday, November 27, two people were arrested by police in New Hampshire on suspicion of stealing a car from a home in Concord two days earlier. According to reports, the car was owned by Mike McCormack, who was left behind while the engine was running and was stolen when he entered the house to retrieve a bottle of water.

However, the car was found just two days later, because McCormack had accidentally left his AirPods in the car at the time it was stolen.

“I left the gym with my girlfriend and decided to check out the Find My app on my iPhone,” McCormack recalls. At that time, I noticed my AirPods were in a location on East Road in Wear, New Hampshire.

The owner of the vehicle reported the matter to Concord police, who immediately contacted the Weare police for assistance and a pursuit began. Police said the stolen vehicle ran into a dead end and its occupants fled into the woods to escape. However, a surveillance camera at the house recorded the thieves' escape and the police followed the evidence provided by the people to catch them.

The two thieves arrested were Frederick Estes and Anna Heine of Concord and faced multiple theft charges.

In the past, Find My has been used many times in crime fighting with some remarkable success.

In June, AirTags helped the owner of a Range Rover in Canada find the vehicle, while in February, Find My was used to track down a kidnapping of the former mayor's housekeeper. New York City Mike Bloomberg.

In May, F1 driver Sebastian Vettel used the location of AirPods and the Find My app to chase down thieves during a robbery.

Notably, AirPods have also entered the war in Eastern Europe when used to track the path of Russian forces in Ukraine.

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