When will iPhone 14 VN/A go on sale in Vietnam?

Some authorized Apple dealers in Vietnam have just revealed the time period when genuine iPhone 14 distribution (VN/A) will reach Vietnamese users.

Information from an agent says that they plan to start opening pre-orders (pro-orders) for iPhone 14 VN/A in Vietnam around October 1-6 before opening for sale on October 1. October 7th. However, the company said that the first batch of deliveries will be limited, only some customers who order very early will be able to receive the device.

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The first iPhone 14 was available in Vietnam, but only in portable form.

If the information is correct, October 7 is also the time when the iPhone 14 Plus opens for sale according to Apple's schedule. And this agent added that all four iPhone 14 models will be "on shelves" in Vietnam on this day. Thus, users have the opportunity to access this product soon along with countries around the world.

Explaining the appearance of the iPhone 14 models on October 7, a director in charge of this dealer's device sales said based on many years of experience, from the time of the delivery plan of the company. When Apple arrives at the warehouse in Vietnam, it will take about 2 weeks, plus 3 days to bring the device to the distributor's warehouse. In theory, this equates to 17 days, and if that happens, the iPhone 14 will arrive at dealerships on October 6. Therefore, the time to sell on October 7 is completely appropriate.

Of course, this manager said everything is just a prediction, which means not 100% accurate. According to this agent, the opening time can be adjusted depending on the action from Apple. In fact, the leading iPhone 14 distribution agents in Vietnam are also quite silent about the iPhone 14 release schedule.

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Estimated price for iPhone 14 VN/A at an authorized dealer in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, another authorized dealer recently confirmed that iPhone 14 VN/A will be available for sale in Vietnam from October 14, ie after 1 week. Consumers will be able to pre-order the product from October 7, although the exact price has yet to be revealed.

It is known that in the early period, the number of users interested in the iPhone 14 is very large with tens of thousands of people recorded registering to receive information about the product. In addition, many people also pay attention to the program "Renew old autumn" as an option to save money on buying iPhone 14.

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