Not Galaxy S22 Ultra, this is the best portrait photography smartphone

Photographers have found the smartphone with the best portrait camera on the market.

In 2016, Apple opened up Portrait Mode when it announced the iPhone 7 Plus. Any phone can now create portraits with software-supported bokeh.

Not only high-end smartphones , mid-range phones have supported this feature in different ways. But according to the latest review from technology news site GSM Arena, the new Tecno smartphone has the best portrait camera - Tecno Phantom X2 Pro.

Not the Galaxy S22 Ultra, this is the best portrait photography smartphone - 1

Close-up of the rear camera of Tecno Phantom X2 Pro.

Of course, like many smartphones, the Tecno Phantom X2 Pro has both pros and cons. But in this article, we only care about the phone's camera system.

The Phantom X2 Pro is a powerful phone with a Dimensity 9000 chip, a 6.78-inch AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, and a premium design. The product has a triple camera system with a unique portrait lens.

Compare photos taken of Galaxy S22 Ultra (left) and Phantom X2 Pro (right).

This is a 1/2.7-inch 50MP sensor with 0.64µm pixels, which can be combined to achieve a 1.2µm size, resulting in 12MP photos. This lens uses a premium 7P optical lens with a 65mm equivalent focal length and wide f/1.49 aperture. This is considered the ideal focal length for both portraits and zooms.

Compare photos taken of Galaxy S22 Ultra (left) and Phantom X2 Pro (right).

When opening the camera app and selecting the 2.5x lens option, the lens pops out of the module. At the same time, when combining the relatively large sensor size with a bright lens and a focal length of 65mm, users get a camera with a naturally shallow depth of field and able to isolate the subject from the background ( and foreground) without software-based portrait mode.

Comparing portraits of Phantom X2 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra as well as ZTE Axon 40 Ultra will give a pretty clear experience. In particular, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is adjusted to focus at about 70mm, equivalent to the 65mm focal length of the Phantom X2 Pro.

Compare photos taken of Galaxy S22 Ultra (left) and Phantom X2 Pro (right).

As a result, the photos taken on the Tecno Phantom X2 Pro and the Galaxy S22 Ultra have an almost identical field of view, but the Phantom phone is able to separate subjects better thanks to the larger sensor and brighter lens.

The larger sensor also offers advantages such as better details and nicely defined textures. In addition, photos taken from Phantom phones also show a blurred background and superior bokeh quality.

Compare shots of Phantom X2 Pro (left) and ZTE Axon 40 Ultra (right).

The Tecno phone has the distortion-free details as shown in the Axon phone image, the foreground separation is also superior on the Tecno camera when compared to the other two phone cameras.

In general, Phantom X2 Pro deserves to be the smartphone with the best portrait camera in 2022. Unfortunately, this product is only sold in the Saudi Arabia region and is quite expensive, about $ 900 (equivalent to 21 USD). 25 million dong)!

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