This is a picture that haunts Windows computer users

A photo of a Windows wallpaper posted on social networks recently with the title "Love to go to work" immediately attracted comments from the online community.

A Japanese system engineer posted the photo a few days ago on Twitter, saying that it is the photo that the company's systems engineers most often see. It seems simple, but this photo suddenly became a topic of a lot of discussion on the internet and shows the obsession of many people with it.

The photo was quickly discussed in a heated manner, with many netizens who were office workers claiming that the photo actually looked "very nauseating" at work. This obsession lasted until they got home, when they still "felt like they were at work, not at a resort" if they saw the picture.

The question is, what is that wallpaper that haunts Windows users so much? According to information posted from the Japanese engineer, it is the "South Island" wallpaper in New Zealand used in Windows 10. According to netizens, people who regularly use Windows computers for work will see this image most often.

One member said that even if he wasn't an engineer, he saw it twice during the day, morning and noon. That is, every time they turn on the computer, they see this wallpaper. Some people even think that this obsession with wallpapers occurs even when I am an independent worker.

This is the picture that haunts Windows computer users - 2

The wallpaper photo was posted on Twitter by a Japanese engineer recently.

Meanwhile, for some Mac or Linux users, the feeling for this wallpaper is extremely enjoyable, especially if they only see Windows as a means to play games.

After all, when people get bored with the work they do regularly, whenever they see something clinging to their work every day, they feel extremely uncomfortable. On the contrary, it is a sign of entertainment in the case of the aforementioned Mac or Linux users, the excitement is not unexpected.

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